The Ins And Outs of Male Chastity

September 2, 2019

Under the male chastity guide understand such a thing as closing your penis in a special cell that prevents full erection or the use of your penis for sex. While the cage is locked up, you cannot masturbate or get an orgasm, and the cage can only be removed by your chosen “key keeper”. Although the thought of this makes most men cringe, for some it just delights. Carrying a cage can be a very exciting and complete exercise. Some argue that giving up orgasms increases sex drive and improves your attention. In addition, it is obvious that it increases the stakes in the relationship of domination / subordination when the master or madam receives an instrument of punishment in the form of not only deprivation of sex, but also deprivation of the ability to get an orgasm.

Here’s an article from huffpost that talks about deprivation of sex.

Obviously, this is not a random break. Not only does this change the life of the cell wearer, it also puts a lot of responsibility in the hands of the key master. While mild discomfort is common to those who enclose their penises in cells, in more serious cases a faulty or poorly tuned cell can cause serious injuries, and if this happens, the key holder should be able to remove the device immediately.

To learn more about what drives people involved in this fetish, we talked with three men about their experiences with chastity cells and their advice to those who want to try fear. Two of them are gay and one is bisexual, although this does not mean that heterosexuals do not use cells; it simply means that all heterosexuals refused to speak out of nervousness or embarrassment. All names are altered.

What was the first time wearing a cage?

It was a whole process, how to wear it and how to sleep with it all night. The first time I was locked up all day in the CB-3000. You will need to get used to it. The first time was just an ordinary day, but I could not sleep that night, so I took it off and decided to wait a bit and slowly got used to it. When we sleep, an erection occurs, but these cells are made to prevent an erection, so you wake up and have to somehow make it go away, somehow. But I really do not know how to do it. I tried a cold shower, but I realized that if you just pee, you’ll be fine.

What do you like most about it?

Most like the fact that “does not go out.” It is as if you are giving up something. I am in a relationship with someone who has a certain level of control over me. It turns me on when they say “wear this shirt” or “wear this underwear” to me. Chastity is a continuation of this. I give it to someone. I let them decide. I remember back in high school getting high-top sneakers, because they were a kind of initial form of bondage, because they bound your ankles, and you could wear them every day. For me, this is important, that I wear something sexy and what people do not guess.

What surprised you most in wearing a cage?

This is a lot of work. When you read or watch porn, it’s sexy all the time, but here you have to clean every single day, you have to ensure that you cut it, that it doesn’t squeeze your hair, you need to be careful when using the restroom. I was in a public restroom and eventually described everything in the world. I stood there and did not understand that you must sit down to do business when you are locked up. I made a mess it was on my pants, coat, all around.

What are the advantages?

Usually I have lower sexual energy compared to the partners with whom I am, so I found that it actually makes me go a little more. I know, especially at the university, I often just ended up halfway through, so locking makes things a bit more interesting and out of reach. The cage makes me show my deeper side, and all you want is just to close the latch and snugly spend the night.

How did your first experience of chastity go?

I was 19 when I first met someone for a game. One of the first things he did was put me in a cell of chastity. It was a metal cage, and I was so excited that I could not bring down an erection to actually get into the device. It was the first time I met a guy in the first year of college. I was in the cage for about five hours. It was just Christmas Eve. When I returned home, I had to hide the marks from the metal handcuffs on my wrists.

How did you come to this fetish?

I definitely like all kinds of sensual games. There is a sense of reach in chastity; every part of your member is fully covered, closed. It reinforces my fantasy that I am bad, someone who does not deserve to be released, someone who needs to be put in his place, is bad. For me, this is what I really want, this is the sexual desire.

Male Chastity Belt for BDSM devotees may be used as part of a practice of orgasm control. Chastity provides that you can not appoint in active penetrating sex. And it is extremely exciting for me to be impotent in this aspect. There is certainly an aspect of feminization that I really like. I like that you can’t get up and use the urinal. You sort of break the patriarchal hetero-associations a little. At the time I’m in the bathroom and I have to urinate sitting on the toilet because of the cage, it’s like stating: “You all know, men, I am not amongst you at all” – just what I like. In my real life, I am quite ambitious and talkative, easy. Because of this, I have a downside. This downside wants to keep me and keep me under control.

For me it is important that the cell remains a very serious, very functional and utilitarian device. Chastity fulfills these requirements for me. It is extremely difficult to earn that level of trust when I would allow someone to become my master of the key. More often than not, I am my own master of the key. If I am going to give someone my key, I want him to fully control the situation and not give me the opportunity to go out. Subordinates often have to earn any totems or positions from their masters, but in chastity the dominator earns the responsibility to hold the key. What is not usually told to you is that if you try enough, you can get out of any such device yourself.

How long are you with chastity?

I started experimenting with chastity about two years ago, at about the same time I started playing puppy

How did it happen?

I started with the CB6000, and I put it on for a birthday party. I did not take it off for several hours that night. After the party, I put it on someone else and played the role of key master for a month. I did not put on the CB6000 for more than a few hours at a time. My skin suffered, and I rubbed the blisters on my underwear. Once everything just went wrong, and my skin was clamped lock. It left a sore bloody blister, and I haven’t put a cage on since then.