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Why The UN Arms Trade Treaty Violates The Constitution

The UN Arms Trade Treaty should alarm any liberty-loving citizen. Every UN treaty requires the participating country to turn over its sovereignty regarding that particular issue. An agreement with the UN removes the autonomy of the nation and the independence of the people to make their own laws free of UN control and dictate. The UN Arms Trade Treaty is no exception. It is meant to regulate the sale and possession of small arms, both within and without the nation. Patrick Henry gave this clear warning in his day, 

Thoughts On The Gosar Incident

I have seen Congressman Paul Gosar  (R-AZ) speak in person a few times. He seemed a likable enough fellow and he said the right things that made me think he's one of us. He gets it. I heard him speak about the affordable care act and the need to repeal it. I have heard him say we need to fix what's wrong with the healthcare system, but I didn't hear him say replace Obamacare. I heard him say that he disagreed with the Supreme Court ruling, but we could still repeal it, there's still time.

It's About The Constitution, Stupid!

As people are looking for the reason of why the court decision came down in the way it did from the supreme court justice that seemed to have the most stringent constitutional sense look to the progressive play book.  As we have seen the progressive scourge take on the mantra of “fundamentally changing the United States of America” it has not been the old adage of “One step back and two steps forward” it has been more of the Blitzkrieg strategy of Go Go Go! Turning the saying into “3-5 steps forward then take a step back if you have to”. As there campaign slogan says itself “Vorwarts”…. Oh wait a second, that is the German Socialists party slogan from early 1940’s under HITLER only now translated into English as FORWARD. 

The "General Welfare" Clause, Justification for Obamacare?

The federal government has assumed great responsibility to tax and provide for our citizens under the interpreted authority of the general welfare clause in the Constitution. Our Departments of Transportation, Education, Agriculture, and Interior are all justified by the general welfare clause.  Most recently one of the main justifications of the Healthcare Act is that Congress has authority to create such a law because of the general welfare clause.  But how Constitutional is this assumed authority?  What would our founders say about this current view of federal power?

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