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When Republicans and Democrats alike are actively stripping our most fundamental rights from us, how can we possibly continue to argue “my side is better than yours” when clearly BOTH sides are tyrannical beasts focused only on securing their own power?

Before we go farther, I want you the reader to understand that I am not advocating a third party. Nor am I advocating for or against Democrats or Republicans. I honestly don’t think I have ANY affiliation anymore, as both sides have become the most dastardly villains witnessed in all of American history. The hell with parties, they are both by and large corrupt to their very core. Their goal is not the protection of liberty and the Constitution, but rather the endless accumulation of power and wealth. And this dastardly accumulation knows no bounds.

As a movement we managed to “take the House”, but we did so by compromising the very values we set out to protect. Rather than filling the halls of Congress with public SERVANTS who would take their oath to protect and defend the Constitution seriously; we chose to believe the pundits who told us we had to keep the “establishment” types in office, because only a Republican majority, garnered at any cost, could save us. We gambled and lost.


Gun haters and legislators are trying to twist the Aurora massacre into an excuse for more Gun Control. But when the liberals squelch our Second Amendment Rights, they are creating victims and putting all our lives at risk.

As some of you know, I occasionally run a series of posts entitled “Stupid Liberal Hate Mail” which chronicles some of the ridiculous rants that reach my email box. This most recent one, from someone calling herself Connie Kaplan is too important not to share.

There was a time in this country......

Jul 19 2012

There was a time in this country when most people admired the wealthy. We wanted to emulate them. We knew we had a chance to become them because we lived in America, the golden land of opportunity where anything was possible if you work hard. Men like John D Rockefeller, Cornelius Vanderbilt, John Jacob Astor, Henry Ford, Sam Walton and George Eastman were captains of industry who helped forge the Industrial Revolution that brought America from a largely agrarian society to an industrial powerhouse. We were proud of them, we wanted to be them, and we were grateful for the things they did for America. We look to them for leadership and guidance. We respected what they've accomplished.

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