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Laughing In The Face Of Goliath: The Virtue Of Fighting Back

May 16 2012
With the passage of the National Defense Authorization Act and all the malicious intent contained within its virulent pages, many in the Liberty Movement, once relegated as extremist in documents such as the MIAC Report and the Virginia Fusion Center white papers, now find themselves faced with the very real possibility of being targeted as enemy combatants in their own country and in their own front yards. No longer is the fight between globalist and Constitutionalist obscured in the mire of cold war style information drilling and propaganda. Today, it’s all out in the open, and it’s nothing to be taken lightly. Unfortunately, however, an incessant belief remains amongst a large subsection of Americans, who assume that there is no need to act, or to choose sides. Apathy and fear cling to our culture like manure to a new leather shoe.

The "General Welfare" Clause, Justification for Obamacare?

The federal government has assumed great responsibility to tax and provide for our citizens under the interpreted authority of the general welfare clause in the Constitution. Our Departments of Transportation, Education, Agriculture, and Interior are all justified by the general welfare clause.  Most recently one of the main justifications of the Healthcare Act is that Congress has authority to create such a law because of the general welfare clause.  But how Constitutional is this assumed authority?  What would our founders say about this current view of federal power?

Where in the founding documents of the United States of America is an outside agency allowed to challenge our nation’s sovereignty

Where in the founding documents of the United States (not Nations) of America is an outside agency allowed to challenge our nation’s sovereignty?  In the 60s and 70s, billboards and hand-painted signs demanding the United Nations get out of the US were frequently seen alongside the highways.  Traveling Interstate 25 in Southern Colorado you couldn’t miss the signs where a rancher raged against the UN for stealing his land…early signs of an agenda not public for years to come.  Where did those protest signs go?  Where is the outrage against the UN’s interference in the US and individual states?  We are being invaded by a compilation of countries, to include known enemies.  We aren’t meeting them at the border with an armed force…no, we are actually meeting them at the border with open arms!

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