Armchair Generals clamoring for revolution, I reject you.

You have watched too many glory movies and know nothing of the burden you demand.

Do not ask for what you cannot comprehend, for civil war is no matter of glory.  It is not flags and fireworks nor the stuff movies are made of. It is pain, blood, horror and unspeakable depravity. You who now call so vociferously for war….are you prepared to watch your houses burned to the ground with your family inside? Or your mothers imprisoned in a dark, dripping hole for the simple crime of giving birth to you, the self styled revolutionary? Are you prepared for your young sons to be shot, their limp bodies hanging over the garden fence because the hunger tearing their bellies drove them to scavenge for food too close to enemy lines? Will you still cry so loud for violence when your daughter is raped by enemy troops and your wife forced to watch before they take her too? Will your soul shed a tear as your smallest children are stuffed under a bed for protection while bullets pummel their brother’s body in the next room…the holes and blood forever staining the wall as a reminder of what their father so foolishly demanded? Will you think twice when the person you have to shoot is your brother, your father, your sister, your neighbor?

THIS is war. THIS is revolution. Twice now America has faced such horror and a third we shall not survive. You who only chose to read the glory of war, who skipped the pages that detail the horror; you who never saw a day of combat in your life and have never bothered to ask our soldiers whose eyes have seen the ugliness and whose hands have held the gore…how DARE you demand to impose this horror upon us all, when we still have the means available to save Liberty without violence.

Are you truly prepared to forfeit your children….my children….to years of pain and deprivation when there are still tools before us that we can use to save America? You who scream to pick up the sword, but have done little or naught to save liberty with the equipment our founding fathers laid before us so carefully. You who spend your evenings watching Dancing with the Stars and baseball games, while a small handful of us spend every waking minute of our days toiling not only to preserve America, but to prevent the bloodshed you now so adamantly demand.

And while civil war is ugly, dirty, long and hard, it is at this juncture a COP OUT. Shame! Shame on you who would rather fight in the streets, than put your feet to the ground and work. Shame on you who said nothing to your neighbors and strangers; you who did nothing to educate the masses. Shame on you who pulled a voting lever for a candidate you never bothered to research for yourself, but now that tyranny is but a breath away you would rather kill us all. Because death indeed is what you are demanding. Death on a massive scale. And it is not only the “enemy” who dies. It is you. It is me. It is our children. It is America. All will be lost, in a massive heap of rotting corpses should you get your violent, ugly way.

Would you truly have that blood upon your hands?

Because if you do, I reject you. With every fiber of my being, I reject you and all that you stand for.

Rather than scream for the easy answer of violence, I beseech you…stand down on your ghastly course.  For my fellow countrymen, it is not yet the time for such action…not when there is so much more we can do to save Liberty without bloodshed.  Instead stand with me now.  Stand with all of us who know all to well that time left for Liberty is short…but who recognize that while short, we DO still have time, and we DO still have tools. Walk the blocks with us. Speak to everyone you know. Educate and empower the masses to change this tyrannical governance – not through the sword, but with your brains, your voice and your vote. Research your candidates – local, state and federal. Get involved in their campaigns. Know pending legislation and HOLD THE POLITICIAN’S FEET TO THE FIRE EVERY SINGLE DAY. Go to the elected official’s offices. Educate them and demand liberty.

STOP LEAVING THE HEAVY WORK TO A SMALL HANDFUL OF PATRIOTS because you are too busy to be bothered with the daily task of guarding freedom. If you are not too busy to demand war, then you certainly have time to work now to prevent the gruesome task you think is bathed in glory.



For Liberty,

Stephani Scruggs
Former President, Unite In Action, Inc.
Executive Director, National 912 PAC

About Stephani Scruggs:

Previously National Co-Chair of The 912 Project as well as President of Unite In Action, Inc. Stephani Scruggs now serves as the Executive Director of The National 912 PAC. As a writer, speaker and analyst, Stephani focuses on the principles of liberty. She has made numerous television and radio appearances including the Glenn Beck Show to discuss the importance of the American Constitution and the rights it grants its citizens. Stephani would like to thank UIA Directors KrisAnne Hall, (Dir. of Legal Affairs), and Benjamin Smith, (Dir, of Strategic Affairs), not only for their great military service, but also for providing the inspiration for this article.