Response: Why we posted the Gosar video

Supporting and defending Liberty will always take sacrifice. It was so 800 years ago and is still true today. It will take a body of people willing to make the tough decisions and the tough calls that might sting a bit. But that’s how it goes, right? The truth hurts.

Recently our President and Director of Legal Affairs were involved in a town hall meeting. In this meeting Representative Gosar from Arizona made some very startling comments. His comments are available on this video, for anyone interested. However that is not the focus of this writing. The fallout from that interaction is the focus.

Our President and Director of Legal Affairs have been criticized for standing for the Constitution as the supreme law of the land and demanding that standard be the primary focus of our elected representatives. Interestingly enough, this criticism has come from individuals who consider themselves conservatives. We believe this criticism can be answered very simply and concisely, as the facts are on our side.

The first criticism is that Rep. Gosar was not allowed to clarify or correct his statements. This could not be more false. The town hall lasted over an hour. Rep. Gosar was present during the majority of this time, and made comments on issues that came up after the interaction in question. Never once did he take the opportunity to clarify or correct his statements. This can only lead us to believe that Rep. Gosar truly believes that the only way to run government is through a willingness to compromise Constitutional principles in order to get along with the 50% who do not like the Constitution.

The next criticism is that Rep. Gosar is a Tea Party representative and therefore he MUST have simply mis-spoke and didn’t really mean what he said. Or perhaps, since Mr. Gosar is classified as a Tea Party representative, his statements must have been taken out of context and were unjustly criticized. The evidence to support the presumption that Mr. Gosar is a Tea Party representative and a Constitutional conservative is that Mr. Gosar was endorsed by Sarah Palin and the fact that Gosar speaks of himself as a Constitutional conservative. There you have it, direct evidence that Rep. Gosar is a true Constitutional conservative (sarcasm). Isn’t it time for the people to reach beyond this superficial assessment of a person’s principles? Isn’t it time to reach beyond what other people say about a candidate, what they say about themselves and actually delve into what they actually do?

In order to be a true Constitutional conservative you MUST be willing to put Liberty first, just as our founders did. John Adams said in 1765, the “Liberty must be supported at all hazards.” He said Liberty, not national security, not the economy, and not the special interest groups.

In order to be a true Constitutional conservative you MUST be willing to put the Constitution first, above all other documents, above all other issues. You cannot, under any circumstances, compromise the Constitution or its principles. No matter how many people agree or disagree with you.

How does your Congressman stand under this light of truth? How did your Congressman vote each time the Constitution was placed placed on the chopping block? Did your Congressman vote in favor of the Patriot Act either initially or to its extension? If so, your Congressman is NOT a Constitutional Conservative. Did your congressman vote in favor of the indefinite detention section of the NDAA 2012? If so, your congressman is NOT a Constitutional Conservative. Did your Congressman vote in favor of S.1813 or HR 347? If so, your Congressman is NOT a Constitutional conservative. Has your Congressman taken REAL ACTION against the stealing of legislative power by this current presidential administration or the atrocities of Fast & Furious? Not just “speaking out”, not just anger, not just political posturing, but REAL ACTION?

Only true Constitutional conservatives will refuse to support any legislation that sells Liberty for security. Only a true Constitutional conservative will stand for the Constitution, even when it means criticism and an attack by their own political party. How does Rep. Gosar measure up as a Constitutional conservative? Do his actions fall in line with the endorsement of others and his opinion of himself or do his actions come closer to the statements that he made in the town hall meeting: the Constitutional must be negotiable? Unfortunately for Mr. Gosar, the evidence supports the latter. Mr. Gosar voted for the Patriot Act extension. Mr. Gosar voted in favor of HR 347. Mr. Gosar didn’t vote at all for NDAA, which suggests that he didn’t feel securing Liberty for his citizen’s was worth taking the time to vote. It appears Mr. Gosar’s actions support his desire to compromise the Constitution to get along.

Let us start assessing job performance based upon a Constitutional standard. We can no longer look at a politician’s words we must hold them to their deeds. It’s time to stop giving people passes because they say they are conservative or have the “right” political designation behind their name. We will never restore this nation to the principles that make it great, unless we are willing to make the hard choices and call things truthfully. We must, as our founders did, put the Constitution first and we must demand the same standards from those who take an oath to protect and defend it. As Daniel Webster said, “if the American Constitution should fail, there will be anarchy throughout the world.” Choose you this day; is it party, is it personality, or is it Liberty? The future of your children will depend upon this answer.

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