ACT! for America was founded by Brigitte Gabriel, a Lebanese immigrant who came to the United States after losing her country of birth to militant Muslim fundamentalists during the Lebanese Civil War. Now an American citizen, Gabriel founded ACT! for America to give Americans their voice back. That unique American voice, full of joy and anticipation of better days and infinite aspirations...muted by the scourge of political correctness. ACT! for America was created to provide American citizens a means to be a collective voice for the democratic values of Western Civilization, such as the celebration of life and liberty, as opposed to the authoritarian values of radical Islam, such as the celebration of death, terror and tyranny.



The Alabama Patriot Hub is a network of conservative patriot organizations (IE: Tea Party organizations) in Alabama who believe in constitutionally limited government, fiscal responsibility, and the free market system. It is NOT an organization and has no influence on any individual organization or their structure. Rather, it provides a way for the organizations to work together, support each other, and communicate more efficiently and effectively.

The general public can locate organizations near them, see what events are taking place around the state, or download fact sheets and information documents, fliers, etc. But the Hub was really created for the leaders of the patriot movement in Alabama...providing a private and secure communications tool where they can hash out ideas, ask questions, and maybe even vent a little, without the fear of their words being twisted and used against them.



The American Grassroots Coalition supports the three core principles and values of the tea party movement:
  • Fiscal Responsibility
  • Constitutionally Limited Government
  • Free Markets

American Grassroots Coalition’s mission is to work with other organizations in order to educate citizens in an effort to empower citizen activists to make a difference on local, state, and national levels.


American Majority is a national non-profit, non-partisan political training institute whose mission is to train and equip a national network of leaders committed to individual freedom through limited government and the free market. Headquartered in Purcellville, Virginia, we currently have state offices in Arkansas, Kansas, Minnesota, Oklahoma, Wisconsin, Missouri and Texas, with plans to open additional state offices in 2011. Beyond our state offices, we also have certified trainers (Mechanics) across the country who train activists in their local community.

Our organizational philosophy remains centered around the grassroots. We work hard to ensure our premier training programs are accessible to activists and candidates around the country. Since our inception in 2008, we have held hundreds of trainings in dozens of states, providing resources and education to thousands of candidates and grassroots activists. 





The mission of As a Mom is to support, encourage, inspire, mentor, educate, inform and mobilize principled mothers, grandmothers, daughters, & guardians "Moms" who actively fight for our children's future. We proudly stand up for our nation's Constitution by creating a sisterhood of Mommy Patriots both online and in person dedicated to the 9 Principles & 12 Values of "The 9.12 Project" To which we add this: Children are a gift from God and a sacred responsibility.

We will protect our children's future liberties by:
  • Working to return our government to its constitutional roots
  • Boldly speaking out against deficit spending
  • Holding our elected officials accountable for their actions
  • Giving meaning to the Constitution by sharing our country's true history, We stand as Moms boldly, proudly and dignified. We stand for the future and we will be heard.


Athens Brigade was established to not only provide resources and tools for leaders involved in the election process, but also to give concerned citizens a central network to share ideas and concerns and communicate with leaders in not only their own town, but other communities as well. Regardless of which side of the issue you are on, we ALL have the right to our opinion and have the right to VOTE based on our personal convictions. We should respect those rights for all and make sure that the process is not manipulated or corrupted.

Athens Brigade will help locate, train, and support poll workers and poll observers across the country, assist with grass roots information on how to get churches involved, organize voter registration drives and develop local leaders to run for local offices like school boards, city councils, etc.


The Brandon 912 Project is a Conservative Coalition engaged in re-forming a more perfect union of “We the People”. We affirm, avow and commit to uphold the U.S. Constitution as it was written and designed by our Founding Fathers. It is our duty as American Citizens to keep our state(s) sovereign and our Federal Government centered. We will take whatever legal and moral steps necessary to insure that our great country continues the path that our Forefathers paved and fought to preserve.

We welcome all residents of Eastern Hillsborough County, including Brandon, Valrico, Riverview, Seffner, Mango & Dover. We have so many in Eastern Hillsborough County that are looking for a group with like-minded concerns. We are searching for the ultimate education for ourselves, family & friends to encourage us to make the right decisions in the polls this November and every election henceforth. Our complacency has led our great country closer to socialism and we want it back. It truly is "We The People" By the people, and For the people! 


Who are we: Founded in 2009, The ConservativeMESSENGER™ is a grassroots initiative based in Birmingham, AL and has hundreds of members located nationwide.  The founder and chairman of the organization is K. Carl Smith.

What we do: The ConservativeMESSENGER™ enlightens, educates, empowers, and equips its members based on the Frederick Douglass Republican™ Movement which: (1) Advocates for a constitutional federal government; (2) Holds elected officials accountable for defending our liberty; (3)Conveys the LIFE-EMPOWERING values of Frederick Douglass; and (4) Seeks to create a fair political dialogue without the finger pointing of racism.

Why we do it: The ConservativeMESSENGER™ believes in liberty and our God-given authority to preserve our God-given rights for future generations.



We The People. Our Constitution was conceived, written, and enacted by the People, for the People. The foundation of our very society was formed on the notion that the public decides what it wants to be and do. Our government and those who run it, have lost sight of that foundation and how it works to underpin the greatest nation on the face of the Earth. At DC Works For US, we're ensuring that those in government remember that it is they who serve US... it is We who employ them. America's future depends upon our ability to maintain a representative governance model, which recognizes, hears, understands, and heeds the will of the People as it governs.


Abraham Lincoln said, in Independence Hall, February 22nd, 1861: "I never had a feeling politically that did not spring from the sentiments embodied in the Declaration of Independence."

We who share Lincoln's views must make clear to ourselves and to our countrymen what those "Declaration sentiments" are.

At Declaration Alliance, we hold that what Lincoln referred to as the "sentiments" of the Declaration are the principles of the American Republic.



Freedom Force International is a network of men and women from all parts of the world who are concerned over loss of personal liberty and expansion of government power. They are not mere complainers. They have a plan to do something about it. They also share a common belief in The Creed of Freedom, which is a statement of principles that guide them in their mission to build a better world.

Totalitarianism is on the rise everywhere because advocates of big government have taken leadership control of the power centers within every society. Power centers are organizations and social groupings – such as political parties, labor unions, church groups, media centers, and professional societies – that hold political power based on their claim to represent their members and on their ability to lead public opinion. It has taken many years for them to achieve this dominance over society, but they have succeeded. It does no good to complain or to theorize about what should be done. As long as advocates of big government hold the power, nothing will change.


We, the Golden Isles Tea Party, seek to reinstate the values of Limited Government, Fiscal Responsibility, and Free Market principles by our Government Leadership as framed in our Constitution through the education, motivation, and political action of our local community.

If you are a proponent of limited government, fiscal responsibility, and personal freedoms, as described in the U.S. Constitution, please join us and learn more about how you can be a part of restoring our nation to the conservative principles which our Founding Fathers intended and which are the necessary foundation for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.




GOOOH stands for 'Get Out of Our House' and is pronounced like the word 'go'. It is a NON-PARTISAN plan to place 435 citizen representatives on the ballot in 2012, competing for a seat in the U.S. House of Representatives. The members of each district will have an honest opportunity to fire the career politicians who have taken over OUR House and are destroying our nation. 

If you are tired of career politicians, GOOOH is for you. If you believe money has corrupted Washington, GOOOH is for you. If you believe politicians have too much power, GOOOH is for you. If you are weary of the death grip the two parties have on our government, and are ready to return control of our government to the people, then GOOOH is for you.

GOOOH is NOT a political party. It is a system that will allow you and your neighbors to choose, among yourselves, a candidate who will truly represent your district.


Homemakers for America Inc. is a National, membership based, nonprofit {501(c)(3)} corporation focused on education, citizenship and empowerment.

Homemakers for America Inc. is made up of a diverse group of women who share the core values of God, Freedom & Family.

We recognize the great legacy our founders left us when founding this nation and constructing the constitution and respect our freedom documents and what they stand for. It is our desire to preserve this great legacy through our influence in our homes, our communities and in the nation.

"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness." — Declaration of Independence


The mission of iCaucus is to increase the effectiveness of United States voters in utilizing their proper Constitutional role in the management of their own government; first through comprehensive education and secondly through participation in the candidate identification and election process to ensure principled representation based upon Fiscal Responsibility through adherence to the Constitutional Limitations of Government.





The Lakeland 9/12 Project is a group of non-partisan patriots with conservative values who are upset at the direction our government is taking us in.

We are educating ourselves and reconnecting to our history to learn what our fore fathers decreed our country to be---A Republic.

Our goal is to preserve the Republic for all future Americans.



The Leadership Institute trains conservatives. Founded in 1979 by its president, Morton C. Blackwell, LI provides training in campaigns, fundraising, grassroots organizing, youth politics, and communications. The Institute teaches conservatives of all ages how to succeed in politics, government, and the media.

LI offers 40 types of training schools, workshops, and seminars, a free employment placement service, and a national field program that trains conservative students to organize campus groups.

Since 1979, more than 96,000 conservative activists, leaders, and students have been trained. The Institute's unique college campus network has grown to more than 1,400 conservative campus groups and newspapers.








We are a nonpartisan constitutional conservative organization that has come together for the expressed and sole purpose of encouraging and educating Citizens in how to take part in the political process by becoming Precinct Committeemen and Committeewomen.

We believe this to be the best kept political secret of all political parties who intend to consolidate their power and to keep ordinary Citizens from becoming empowered and representing the wishes of the people residing in their neighborhoods.



The Navarre Patriots is a grassroots group united to educate, motivate and act to retain our economic and individual liberty in America, and the sovereignty of Florida.

We are not Republican, Democrat, Libertarian or any other party. We're Americans fighting for our country and the state of Florida!



Oath Keepers is a non-partisan association of currently serving military, veterans, peace officers, and firefighters who will fulfill the oath we swore to support and defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic, so help us God.

Our oath is to the Constitution, not to the politicians, and we will not obey unconstitutional (and thus illegal) and immoral orders, such as orders to disarm the American people or to place them under martial law and deprive them of their ancient right to jury trial.

We Oath Keepers have drawn a line in the sand. We will not “just follow orders.” Our motto is “Not on our watch!”