Jay Devereaux - President/Director Digital Systems

Jay Devereaux is an Information Technology Consultant and small business owner that like so many of us, did not really pay a lot of attention to what was going on in Washington DC until ideas like Cap & Trade and T.A.R.P. The idea of the Federal Government bailing out bankers and Wall Street firms with taxpayer dollars was the last straw. Followed closely by the first stimulus package, Jay like so many was yelling at his television similar to Rick Santelli’s now famous rant, when his family cried “ENOUGH! Do something about it or shut up!”

After going to his first rally on Tax Day 2009 in Olympia and later in Seattle Jay began to try networking with others in his state and found a lack of coordinated information and communication. Upon returning from having volunteered at the hugely successful 9/12/2009 March On DC, Jay met with a few fellow conservatives and presented an idea to network the smaller groups in WA state. After a few meetings, together with the help of many leaders, The Washington Patriot Hub was created as a communication and networking conduit for groups throughout Washington.

Like Unite In Action, the success and popularity of The Washington Patriot Hub is largely due to a true bottom up network where organizations maintain their autonomy and identity while working with other like minded groups and individuals to more effectively bring resources to bear and to support of each other’s initiatives. In late 2009 Jay was invited to join the Board of Directors for UIA and manages to organizations various websites and social networking presence.

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Larry Burton - CFO

Larry Burton, formerly the CFO of The National 912 Project, Inc. became the CFO of Unite In Action, Inc since its formation in November of 2009. Larry has a BBA from the Univ. of Cincinnati and an MBA from the Univ of Utah. He is an Alumni of Deloitte CPA firm.

He also is a retired Air Force Colonel who briefed Generals and Congressional staffers on the financial status of military systems under development.

Larry, owner of a small business, spoke at a Tea Party event about his concerns over Government financial mismanagement. Larry and his wife, Kay, have a family of Jeff & Jamie (and first grandchild, Shay) and Julie and Bob.

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Deborah Behrend - Director of Finances/Asst Treasurer

Deborah Behrend is a home schooling mom who is very concerned about what is happening to our country. Not just the immediate impact but also how it will affect her children and their future. Leaving a 20+ year career in Finance after having earned an undergraduate degree from Northwestern University, MBA from the University of Maryland and her CPA was a very difficult decision. But she chose to invest her time and efforts in her children as well as in our country through her efforts with Unite in Action. She lives her life dedicated to the belief that one person can and should try to make a difference.